Investor Safety

We help both the Regional Center/Developer and the Investor. With a plethora of EB-5 projects in the market, investors need an easy way to help identify viable and secure projects to invest in. EB-5 Safety's Seal of Approval and our comprehensive, visual, and informative report is the first step for an Investor to understand the risk and reliability of the project.

  • Project at a Glance

    Our EB-5 Safety Reports deliver a concise summary of the project at a glance. Investors can use it as the first document to read to decide if this project is for them. Factual. Concise. Easy to Understand.

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  • Related Parties Disclosure

    We follow the money trail to understand inter-company relationships within the EB-5 Project. We review and report on any related parties involved in the EB-5 project.

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  • Review Process

    We are truly independent and raise red flags if we see any issues in the projects. This helps our Regional Center and Issuer clients remedy the potential issues before taking their project to market.

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  • Site Visit

    Site visits verified by photographs and conducted by professional Civil Engineers. Our site visits also evaluate surrounding demand generators from both revenue and job creation perspectives.

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Seal of Approval for Regional Centers and Developers

With our fully independent review, Regional Centers can market their projects with our Seal of Approval to attract more qualified investors. We help you differentiate your offering. Our Due Diligence reports are an excellent tool for the prospective investor.

EB-5 Safety is an independent team of due diligence experts. Our team comprises of Civil Engineers, Project Managers, Due Diligence Experts, EB-5 Immigration Experts and Economists. Our reports are authored by our in-house team, legal experts from Wong Fleming and Economists from Impact Data Source. Our aim is to provide a thorough review of the EB-5 Project to help Investors, Regional Centers and Network Partners.

  • Investors - Prospective investors can have a simple way to make an informative decision on the EB-5 investment and have the confidence of the EB-5 Seal of Approval
  • Regional Centers/Issuers – With our Seal of Approval, your project will stand apart as a fully vetted project with a third party diligence. It will build confidence with your network partners and potential investors.
  • Network Partners/Immigration Consultants – Our Due Diligence report provides a comprehensive review in a concise format. It helps agents around the world separate wheat from chaff in the EB-5 world. Agents have a simpler way to know what projects to present to their client base.
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Advantage Agent

EB-5 Investor program is gaining momentum outside China. Immigration Agents the world over are inundated with EB-5 Projects from Direct Investment and Regional Centers in the United States. How do you know what project is safe and secure for your investor base? Does the Regional Center Management have a clean and ethical background? Are the economics of the project overstated? Will the jobs be created? Are proper Escrow procedures in place? These and many other questions haunt the Immigration Consultants and Network Partners just as they scare away highly qualified Green Card Investors. EB-5 Safety has a rigorous process to give both the investors and agents peace of mind. Our thorough Due Diligence reporting and our Seal of Approval helps you choose projects that would be most successful for you and your investor clients.

  • Clearly Defined Investigative Parameters
  • Econometrics Review
  • Financial Review
  • Visually Rich Tool for Informed Decision
  • Site Visit & Audit
  • Key Management Background Check

Expertise & Trust

The EB-5 Safety team has breadth of experience in various aspects of EB-5 Diligence to help our clients increase confidence and trust in their EB-5 projects. Our Due Diligence process fuels success for all parties involved in the EB-5 process.

Our professionals have extensive experience in EB-5 Immigration, Securities Offerings, Economics, Project Management, Civil Engineering, and Due Diligence. We have relationships with Wong Fleming a leading Immigration Law Firm and Impact Data Source, a top-tier group of EB-5 economists that allow us to bring more to the table than just basic due diligence.


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