Expertise & Trust

The EB-5 Safety team has breadth of experience in various aspects of EB-5 Diligence to help our clients increase confidence and trust in their EB-5 projects. Our Due Diligence process fuels success for all parties involved in the EB-5 process.

Our professionals have extensive experience in EB-5 Immigration, Securities Offerings, Economics, Project Management, Civil Engineering, and Due Diligence. We have relationships with Wong Fleming a leading Immigration Law Firm and Impact Data Source, a top-tier group of EB-5 economists that allow us to bring more to the table than just basic due diligence.

EB-5 Global Capital Raise Partners

EB-5 Safety works with select Capital Raise firms around the globe. These firms rely
on our due diligence process to ensure project safety and capital raise success.

EB-5 Reassurance Partners

Our Due Diligence Process is conducted in partnership with Wong-Fleming and Impact Data Source. EB-5 Safety clients benefit from the combined expertise of our expert team.


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