Our Process

Our team of experts, comprising Civil Engineers, Project Managers, Immigration Attorneys, and Economists conduct an independent review of all your documents. We also conduct a site visit to assess the lay of the land and to corroborate demand generators on the ground with those described in the reports. We also conduct interviews with the General Partners and Issuers. Our diligence also includes background checks of key executives. This includes criminal and bankruptcy checks.

Most established Regional Centers talk about the I-526 and I-829 success history. This is a partial truth. Investors, particularly savvy ones, are looking beyond just this benchmark. We conduct a 360 Analysis and go beyond I-526 success story.

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EB-5 Safety Seal Of Approval

EB-5 Safety Seal of Approval is a coveted designation for any project. It declares to the world that your project is fully vetted and is a safe and secure investment offering for potential EB-5 Investors and Agents. Once our reporting process is over and any red-flags are corrected, we issue you the Seal of Approval that you can use on your marketing collateral – digital and print.

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EB-5 Project Marketing

Whether you are new to EB-5 or an established Regional Center, we increase your project visibility with Network Partners and Immigration Agents. With your approval, we can share the report with our carefully selected EB-5 partners around the globe so that they can consider promoting your project(s)

EB-5 Global Capital Raise Partners

Translation Services

Our reports and Seal of Approval help you stand out in a crowded EB-5 project space. You can leverage the independent audit for marketing in many regions across the world. We provided translated version of the report and Seal so can use them for localized marketing. Languages we currently translate to include...

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