Project at a Glance

As an Investor seeking a green card, you have many choices in terms of projects. How you decide which one to invest. Is it a safe project? What is the management's pedigree? How does the capital stack look like? What interest will you earn? What equity are you being offered? How is the Regional Center related to the Issuer or the construction company? Will I get my money back? Will jobs be created? Will my family get the green card? These and many more questions can confuse anyone. That's where we step in. Our EB-5 Safety Reports deliver a concise summary of the project at a glance. Investors can use it as the first or summary document to read to decide if this project is for them. Factual. Concise. Easy to Understand.

Related Parties Disclosure

We follow the money trail to understand inter-company relationships within the EB-5 Project. We review and report on any related parties involved in the EB-5 project.

Review Process

Our extensive review process includes the following:

  1. Principal's Prior Experience & Background – Bankruptcy, criminal checks, and pedigree
  2. Business Review including any legal proceedings and SEC Subpoenas or USCIS violations
  3. Financial Statements
  4. Offering Documents
  5. Economic Impact Reports

We are truly independent and raise red flags if we see any issues with the project. This helps our Regional Center and Issuer clients remedy the potential issues before taking their project to market.

Site Visit

Physical visit to learn more about the site and its surroundings

Our site visits start with an initial visit to understand the project site and its current state. We also look at demand generators in the surrounding area. Subsequent quarterly site visits in our Gold and Platinum package are to monitor and report on construction progress. We provide a true picture of the project status as an independent party.


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